The Top 5 Genres Available at Sockshare

Movie streaming sites are really amazing when it comes to entertaining you since it gives you the feeling of viewing a movie at your very own home. These websites contain a lot of films from the past and present in various qualities, which even include high definition. Through the means of these websites, for sure you will surely enjoy to the point where you will be able to watch a movie marathon. These sites are also for free, making it even better for continuous movie streaming.

But what made movie streaming websites like Sockshare better for your movie viewing is by knowing what are the top genres. The most in-demand genres contain the finest movies that you can ever watch. Here are the following:

Animated Films

For kids, and adults who feel childish, then the website contains a lot of amazing animated movies. Some of these movies also contain a lesson that you will never forget after viewing the movie, too.


If you want a good dose of shock and suspense, make sure that you watch some thrilling horror movies in the website. There are numerous websites that contain ghost stories, paranormal films, and stories about the creepiest monsters that the movie industry has ever made for your entertainment.


These movies are always known to be one of the top films in the website since it contains a lot of fighting, shooting and crime-busting. These movies will surely make you feel more excited and hyped once you visit the website for some action-packed movies.


If a good laugh is what you want, then view the website for it contains a multitude of movies. The best comedians are in the movies that are listed in the gallery of movies available in the website.


For couples and those who just want to view something that will bring them to tears, or perhaps feel the sensation of love, then this website is also excellent for its romantic movies.

These are just some of the genres that you can view in the website. Expect more on the site once you visit their organized list of movies by genre.