How To Secure Your Internet Connection When Streaming At 123movie Stream

Streaming movies can be quite a challenge if you don’t have secured internet connection. Let me teach you how you can keep a better connection so you can play movies for hours without distractions. First, you have to turn off any running downloads that you have in your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device. Some people download the movie as they play it, however this would cause the movie to buffer. To ensure smooth movie streaming, keep the movie playing without any downloads with it. Before you connect to 123 movie make sure you have cleared your history, cache and cookies. Unclearing them can affect your movie streaming as well.

Tips to protect your computer or mobile from viruses

As long as you have strong antivirus you can protect your device from any lurking viruses. Avoid downloading when you are movie streaming because virus may enter your computer. It is highly recommended to run your scanner after you have watched a movie.This will help you determine if any worm, virus or trojan has gotten their way to your computer. Then again, if you are watching from a virus-free movie site then you can sit back and relax. Don’t you worry because you can watch movies fo free for hours.

Tips to secure yourself from scams

Free movies are widely available online. Scammers use this opportunity to lure people around with their high definition movies in exchange of good cash. They may not ask you to pay them a lump sum but eventually they will rob you because you have provided your credit card number. Once you do, they will swipe your money and leave you with nothing. Hence, avoid giving your details. Free movie sites don’t need you to register your full details. They may simply ask your name and email for subscription purposes.